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I am a Registered Social Worker with a Masters in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. I am the founder of Deer Creek Family Support & Therapy, the founder of a national charity that supports adoptive and foster families, and am the co-author of Foster Parent Collaboration. I have hosted numerous conferences, workshops, round tables and symposiums on various topics relating to adoption, foster care, and neurodiversity.

Hi there, I'm Amanda Preston


I have a particular passion for Autism, PDA, FASD, ADHD and ODD. 

I have been an adoptive and foster parent for more than 18 years, raising neurodivergent children. I know firsthand the trenches parents walk through and the unique nuances associated with these journey's. 

I'm an advocate for all things adoption, foster care and neurodiversity!

Hey there!

So often parents come to me exhausted, burnt out, and unsure what to do next. Every attempt has been made to support their child through traditional or new parenting techniques. Many are experiencing children who are easily upset, aggressive, loud, destructive, and unable to settle. I follow the CPS model of Ross Greene, and support a low-demand parenting approach for children who are struggling. Through the use of the plan B method, declarative language, and diving in to the way our children's brains work, I seek to help parents find a different way to approach their children (and themselves!) so children can better navigate the world around them. By seeking equity for our children and truly understanding their developmental skill ability, we can support them to flourish!

"Children do well when they can!"
Ross W. Greene

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raspberry lemonade

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scotland & france


Gardening & farming

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friends, The Office & poldark

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